Leene Wilco


Remco van der Kruk (1970) and Wilco Leene (1967) started at the Academy of Journalism together in 1988. Since 1991 they have travelled together and visited Poland, Czeck Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Kosovo and Albania. From 1994 until now Van der Kruk and Leene worked on various projects for various television stations, both commercial and public broadcasters. In 1999 they devised the concept for the series ‘The Price of Revolution’ about the aftermath of revolution in various Eastern European countries 10 years after the fall of the wall. In the summer of 99 they took a DV-camera to Timisoara, Romania to work on their first documentary; ‘Timisoara, City Of Heroes’. In 2000 the documentary was aired by the KRO and Van der Kruk and Leene were asked to make a second doc. Starting 2002 they joined forces with Swynk Productions and went to Tirana in Albania to co-produce a documentary about the dictation and the revolution in Albania; ‘Farewell To Dictatorship’. Then, in 2003, Van der Kruk and Leene visited Copsa Mica in Romania, the most polluted town in Europe. They decided to make another documentary. Some of the key figures in Copsa were interviewed in two stages, in 2003 and in 2007, when Romania was ready to join the European Union. This documentary was completed in 2008 and co-produced by Tuvalu Media.


Vezetéknév:Leene Személynév:Wilco Születési idő:1967


Készítő: Copsa Mica, Dudu’s Dark Town

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