Kolas Uladzimir
(1951. 09. )


Graduated from Higher Courses of Script Writers and Film Directors of Goskino of USSR in Moscow Directed a number of feature films and documentaries at Belarusfilm studio and at Belarusian TV in Minsk in 1980 – 1991 Won several awards at Soviet Union film festivals, such as “Nadezhda” (“Hope”) for the best first short feature film. In 1991 founded Belarusian Humanities Lyceum which works now in underground in Belarus. Lectures filmmaking to the Lyceum students, makes theater performances. Several documentaries have been produced about Lyceum activities such as “Partisan School” (director Jerzy Kalina) and “Lessons of Belarusian” (director Miroslaw Dembinski, and won international awards. Now is working on several documentary film projects. Filmography 1978 – „Friend form childhood”, 30 min. – short feature story in two parts , Film Studio „Belarusfilm” for CT 1980 – „Young oak”, 30 min., feature, Film Studio „Belarusfilm” 1982 – „Purplish red grass”, 30 min., feature 1984 – „The trees on the asphalt”, 100 min., feature Film Studio „Belarusfilm” 1986 – „Would you like to love, so love; wouldn’t you like to love, so don’t do it”, feature, Film Studio „Belarusfilm” 1989 – „One night”, 100 godz., feature, Belorusian Television for CT 1990 – „Dreams about Belorus”, 40 min., documentary 1991 – „Franciszek Skoryna”, 30 min., documentary, Film Studio „Belarusfilm” 1992 – „Portrait against the time”, 30 min., documentary 1993 – „Mohylew”, 40 min., documentary, Film Studio of Humanistic, Educative and Cultural Centre 1994 – „Radim Goriecki”, 30 min., documentary, Film Studio „Belarusfilm” 1998 – „Pact with Hitler”, 52 min., independent producer 2004 – „A castle in Mir”, 15 min., documentary (for UNESCO)


Vezetéknév:Kolas Személynév:Uladzimir Születési idő:1951. 09.


Rendező: Galeria Ada Bialy zagiel nad Prypecia

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