Gabrea Radu


1969 Debut with the feature film “Too Little For Such a Big War”, after a screenplay by D.R. Popescu (got an award at Locarno – 1970, present at the Avignon, Manheim, Quinzane des Realizateurs – 1971) 1970 “The chase”, the first TV series in Romania (7x52 minutes) 1973 The film “Beyond the Sands” has been interdicted by Ceausescu personally. It has been altered, especially the sound track. After the conflict with The Chief of the State, The Director decides to move to Germany, the country of origine of his mother. 1974 “Beyond the Sands” entered the Cannes “Quinzane des Realizateurs” (The most important Romanian film of the ‘70s” – Mira and Antoin Liehm, UCLA Press, Los Angeles) 1981 Feature film “Fear not, Jacob!” – adapted after “An Easter Candle” by .I.L. Caragiale. Director and co-producer. 1981 Together with Istvan Szabo`s “Mefisto” , “Fear not, Jacob!” is considered The “Best German Film seen in Berlin” (Louis Marcorelles – “Le Monde”), “A pick of the German productions in Cannes” (Ron Holloway – Variety) and “Masterpiece” (Yedioth Akronoth – Israel). The film is present at many European film festivals and in Telluride Colorado. For eight years it has opened The American Jewish Film Festivals worldwide. 1984 “A Man Like Eve” . Director and co-script-writer. The actress Eva Mattes gets The Prize of The European Festival for the best interpretation as Eve. Thought as a homage paid to the great German Director R.W. Fassbinder, the film was considered: “A masterpiece that shouts to be seen” (Sunday Telegraph – London), “A blood curdling hommage” (Vincent Canby – New York Times). The film has played in London, New York, San Francisco and on other screens for weeks, being even today an important film for Fassbinder’s fans in the USA, in England or in Germany. 1985-1986 “Nonni” Script-writer for TV series for ZDF 13x52 minutes. 1986 TV film in two parts (2x132 minutes) “The Strange Object of Love”. Director. Rating 20% on ZDF for both parts. 1987 “Surprise Travel” , television film for ZDF. Script-writer and director. 1989 “The Secret of the Ice Cave ” , artistic film for Cannon Films, for Pay TV and Home Video. Director and producer. Starring : Sally Kellerman (nominated for an Oscar for the role in “ M.A.S.H” and Michael Moriarty). 1993 “Rosenemil” , artistic film. Script-writer, director and producer. 1994 “Under the Sign of Love”, artistic film , together with SATEL FILM, Wien. Co-producer. 1994 “Summit Conference”, TV film, TVR 1. Script-writer and director. 2001 “Noro”, Feature Film, 84 min. Screenplay:Rasvan Popescu, Director Radu Gabrea 2000 “Struma” (2x45 minutes). Screenplay : Stelian Tanase. Director. “Special Mention at the 18th International Festival in Jerusalem”. 2004 “Goldfaden’s Legacy” (58 min.) Screenplay:Manase Radnev, Director Radu Gabrea. 2006 “Rumenye! Rumenye!” (58 min) Director Radu Gabrea Radu Gabrea has a Ph.D. in Social Communications from the Catholic University in Louvain-la-Neuve , Belgium. His diploma paper “Werner Herzog and the German medieval misticism” was published by the “L’Age d’homme” publishing house in Lausanne. “The book is, no doubt, one of the most beautiful books of cinema ever written” (Henri Agel – Positif). A theatre director, Radu Gabrea has directed “Maria Callas – La Divina” after “Master Class” by Terrence McNally, that was appreciated by the audiences in New York, Washington, Tampere (International Theatre Festival), Helsinki, Canberra (International Cultural Festival), Sydney. 1972-1974 Associate professor at the UNTC. 1997-1999 President of the National Office for Cinematography (one of the initiators of E.O. 67/1997, that even today is the basis for the legislation concerning the national cinematography).


Vezetéknév:Gabrea Személynév:Radu Születési idő:1947


Rendező: Goldfaden's legacy Rumenye! Rumenye! Producer: Goldfaden's legacy Rumenye! Rumenye!

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