Het Veerhuis (60')
A Hospice in Amsterdam Meyknecht Steef 2004-2005

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Jelenetfotó 1.4 Jelenetfotó 2.4 Jelenetfotó 3.4 Jelenetfotó 4.4In Amsterdam, at the end of Van Gogh Street, is the ‘Veerhuis’. People come there to die. There is room for four residents. With family and friends, they create their own temporary environment. There are 45 or so volunteers to help them. The ‘Veerhuis’ has been called an ”almost home from home”, where the residents can create their own surroundings and own way of dying. The documentary is a record of daily life in the house. Hans Teunissen is one of the residents. Just as they used to do at home, his wife Ellen and her daughter are preparing a nice dinner, with grandchildren running around. Actually his favourite food is meatballs and not the splendid chicory dish that his wife’s daughter is making. Hans uses the telephone a lot; he makes arrangements with friends and family for them to come and say good-bye. “That takes an awful lot of energy”. He is often fearful of what is ahead of him. It is not necessary to have any nursing training to be a volunteer at The ‘Veerhuis’. The medical needs are looked after by the GP and district nurses. Nor is any particular religious or other ideological background required of the volunteers. The barest minimum of rules about the daily management are set down for the volunteers. Constant respect for the wishes of the residents is the most important of these. Mrs van den Bos is about 80 years old. She is spending ample time in taking leave of her friend Philip, her children and grandchildren. She has a great sense of humour. Sometimes she is confused and wants to go back home. Hansje, a volunteer, gently persuades her that the ‘Veerhuis’ is her home now. In the ‘Veerhuis’ nothing is hard and fast. Often, even with the love and inspriration of residents, friends, family and volunteers, some problems never get sorted out. With all of human awkwardness, dying in the ‘Veerhuis’ is still part of human life. Rob Bachrach, 54 years old, enjoys his life intensely. He became terminally ill very suddenly and came straight to the hospice. He is completely realistic in facing the fact that his death is inevitable. The ever-increasing doses of morphine mean that he is losing control over his small world; that makes him fearful and angry. It is clear from the pictures that the people have enjoyed working on the documentary. They let the camera come in close. It seems as if the residents, Hans, Mr Hollander, Rob and Mrs van den Bos, want this period to be represented in as truthful a way as possible. “He is very down-to-earth about it; it’s more difficult for us than my father himself,” says Mireille, the daughter of Mr Hollander. One day after his arrival in the house, her father dies. For 2½ years prior to the 4-month filming period, film-maker / Anthropologist Steef Meyknecht worked as a volunteer in the ‘Veerhuis’. This participant observation was essential for him in the making of this film. A filmhez még nem történt hozzászólás.

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Eredeti cím:Het VeerhuisAngol cím:A Hospice in Amsterdam

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Gyártó ország:Hollandia - nl
Gyártás ideje:2004-2005Forgatás ideje:2004Film hossza:60 percSzínesség:színes
Felvétel formátuma:DV
Eredeti nyelv: holland Felirat nyelv:angol


Rendező: Meyknecht Steef Szakértő: Meyknecht Steef Operatőr: Meyknecht Steef Vágó: Redeker Jelle Hangmérnök: Meijs Carla

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Gyártó: Selfmade Films Forgalmazó: Selfmade Films

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Népcsoport: holland Földrész: Nyugat-Európa Ország: Hollandia - nl Lokalitás: Amszterdam


Típus:nem-fikciós filmForma:dokumentumfilm
Kulcsszavak: életút halál

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Társadalomtudomány: pszichológia

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