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The Viennese company WEGA-Film was founded in 1980 by Veit Heiduschka – a doctor in theater studies. With its wide spectrum of award-winning promotional, documentary and feature films WEGA-Film is today among the most distinguished Austrian film producers. The first sweeping success was achieved 1985 with the detective comedy MÜLLER’S OFFICE by Niki List, which is still among the films with the highest audience attendance in Austria’s post-war era. In the 1980ies WEGA-Film began to cooperate with the exceptional director Michael Haneke, and eight of his feature films have been produced so far, among others THE SEVENTH CONTINENT, BENNY’S VIDEO, 71 FRAGMENTS OF A CHRONOLOGY OF CHANCE, FUNNY GAMES, THE PIANO TEACHER, TIME OF THE WOLVES and CACHÉ.. Altogether more than 40 feature films were produced over the last twenty-plus years - many with international participation and well-known directors like Andreas Gruber, Goran Rebic, Ivan Fila, Michael Kreihsl, Franz Novotny Jean-Luc Wey, Wolfgang Glück, Paulus Manker, Michael Verhoeven, Xaver Schwarzenberger, Barna Kabay, Andreas Prohaska, Jack Gold, Jean-Michel Ribes and others. Documentaries were produced with directors like Elisabeth Scharang, Pierre Colibeuf and Ulrich Seidl, television dramas with Peter Patzak, Johannes Fabrick, Gernot Friedel and Michael Cencig.


Név:Wega Film


Gyártó: Meine liebe Republik

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