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The movie 'Tibet, a country in exile' is the first ever feature length documentary of Madridiak Film. This company is not a business venture in the first place it has much more to do with creative work. The establishment of this company was a realization of a dream dating back to the college years in the ninetees of the two founding members Róbert Izing and Viktor Janzsó. The group also has loose ties with everyone mostly talented professionals who participated in the creation of the documentary for peanuts or sometimes without any payment at all. We do not have influental contacts int he movie industry and never won any tender. The company is not supported by marketing or sales management and public relations officers. We do the business ourselves and spend our own hard earned money. However we do have stories which we want to tell and we will do it.


Név:Madridiak FilmCégvezető:Izing Róbert
Janzsó Viktor


Gyártó: Tibet, a száműzött ország Forgalmazó: Tibet, a száműzött ország

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