Film Studio Everest


Film Studio Everest was founded in 1991. During its over fifteen years existence, it has produced over 50 films and series, mostly documentary, which have been awarded over 80 prizes at international film festivals in Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Mexico, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Bulgaria, England, Italy, Canada, USA, Argentina, India and Hungary. The films produced by Film Studio Everest have been broadcast on television in 16 European countries on channels such as: Canal+, BBC-South, ZDF, SDR, MDR, ARTE G.E.I.E., ORF, SlovakTV, LRT, LTV, ETV, BNT, RTS, HRT, Documania, Canal 5, ERT, YLE, Al-Jazeera English, YES/DBS, Czeska Telewizja (CT), Canal de Historia, Sveriges Utbildningsradio. Co-operation on regular basis with Polish Television, The Polish Film Institute, The Polish National Film School. Studio Everest, have undertaken international co-productions with amongst others: Sodaperaga (France), Epo Film (Austria), Zyga Films (Venzeuela) and Shoot the Breeze (South Africa). The most prominent films produced by Everest are: “The way to live” – Polish paid soldiers in Bosnia “Bury me together with them” – Polish officers murdered in Katyn „Dad from America” - about author’s relationship with his father. He didn't see father since he was two years old, but they were writing letters to each other. „Future of an Illusion” – a poetic picture of the inhabitants of Havana “Losers and Winners” – the football World Cup for the homeless “Dwarfs go to Ukraine” - the Orange Revolution “A Lesson of Belorusian” - a protest of young Belorusians against faked presidential election in March 2006 “Music partisans” – about young rock music bands who are in opposition with Lukashenka’s regime. They express their attitude to surrounding reality trough their music, cloths, behaviour “Pustelniks in the mountains” - the main characters of the film are: a Himalayan alpinist Piotr Pustelnik (the father) and a rock climbers (Adam and Pawel Pustelnik – sons). The film's aim is to depict the difference in their attitude to the mountains and on a wider scale - to the life itself.


Név:Film Studio EverestCégvezető:Dembinski Miroslaw


Gyártó: Galeria Ada Pustelnicy w Gorach Bialy zagiel nad Prypecia Forgalmazó: Galeria Ada Pustelnicy w Gorach Bialy zagiel nad Prypecia

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