Elektrischer Schnellseher


Elektrischer Schnellseher was founded in 1995. The organization aims at providing a critical arena at the interval of art practices and media theory, - between the institutional, the academic and the controversial-, to both practice and reflect on image production in a culturally diverse society. During the early years Elektrischer Schnellseher provided a space (with the enigmatic name ‘Space for Attacks of the Extreme’) to support artists. Unlike the situation in most galleries, the artist had complete control and was responsible for context, presentation, promotion and representation of his/her work. There were exhibitions, screenings, lectures, parties etc. Currently Elektrischer Schnellseher focuses on the production of several experimental & documentary films, and installations mainly directed by Didier Volckaert and An van. Dienderen. These films were showed in (inter)national festivals, universities and art houses (Margaret Mead Festival New York; Belluard Festival Suisse; Vision sur le reel, Nyon; KunstenfestivaldesArts Brussels; UC Berkeley, UC LA;).. The members of this company have also curated and produced art works and installations for various international and national exhibitions and film screenings (Ruhrtriennale, S.M.A.K., ZONE ..) and presented lectures worldwide (The Salzburg Festspiele (Austria), DasArts (Amsterdam), University of California (Berkeley), San Fransisco, ComiCon (San Diego), Jekerstudio -European Centre For Performing Arts (Maastricht), Rio de Janeiro, Chicago, Hong Kong; ..) For more info visit our (English / Dutch) website: www.elektrischerschnellseher.com


Név:Elektrischer SchnellseherCégvezető:Volckaert Didier
Dienderen An


Gyártó: Patrasche a dog of Flanders – made in Japan Forgalmazó: Patrasche a dog of Flanders – made in Japan

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