ARHITEL Production continued the work of the Right to Pictures and Words foundation. One of ARHITEL’s main goals is fighting against censorship and abuse of the media, fighting against all forms of political monopoly in the media, as well as confronting the past, finding reconciliation and re-establishing the broken civilization bonds between the peoples of the region. ARHITEL production does not directly deal in daily information programs. Its production subject is derived from research and analytical journalism, often relying on archives, as well as a specific documentary procedure. It is also the intention of our production to create films addressing occurrences that represent problems worldwide, but with specific characteristics in countries in transition. This would primarily imply corruption, drug addiction, terrorism, social problems, etc. The films and programs of the ARHITEL production have been broadcast by many TV stations in Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania. Films have been shown at several local and international film reviews, and have also been used in journalism courses and symposiums across Europe. Parts of the serial "Images and Words of Hate" have been used as evidence at the Hague tribunal.




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