Hevesi Nándor


Education 1993 – 1997 Eszterházy Károly Teacher Training College – Drawing and Visual Communcation Activities 2001 – Member of Studio of Young Artists Association 1999 – Feature Film Directors Association member, part of the Hungarian Moving Picture Foundation 1997 – 2000 Board Member, Hungarian Independent Film and Video Association It has been more than 15 years that I have been working together, under the pseudonym of Igor and Ivan Buharov. We have been producing and directing several experimental films. We have also been involved in the creation of several experimental music projects. In 1995, together with Vasile Croat and István Nyolczas, we have formed the 40 Labor Group under which our last films were made. We have also founded the Kaos Camping Group with László Csáki, József Szolnoki and Csaba Vándor seven years ago. We often stage surrealistic audiovisual performances where text, image and sound become an organic environment audiovisual analogue matrix. We use 8- and 16-millimeter projectors to project images while a band or a Dj is playing live music. So far we have had about 50 shows in several places around Hungary as well as Europe. In the beginning we have started by using used expired raw material exploiting the organising element of the unintentional. For our films, we mainly use super 8 footage, then we blow it up to 35 mm for distribution use. We are also composing the experimental music for the soundtrack of our films. Recently we are distributing our third feature film “Slow Mirror” in the Hungarian cinemas.


Vezetéknév:Hevesi Személynév:Nándor Születési idő:1974


Rendező: Promenade – Király Ernő portréfilm Operatőr: Mundi Romani – Sára keresztelője Csapdába zárva - a mitrovicai romák elfelejtett története Promenade – Király Ernő portréfilm Zeneszerző: Pannon halom

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