Cordova Ximena
(1974. 09. )


Ximena has lived in Bolivia, Venezuela, Spain, Martinique and the UK, where she’s settled since 1995. Having worked as a visual artists for several years, she finally committed to documentary film and visual research in 2000. Under La Niña Productions, she has made five short to medium length films, including a short fiction and some experimental work. Her mains areas of research and popular culture and issues of migration. In 2001 she helped found the Documentary Filmmakers Group (DFG) in London, in order to support the work of newcomers like herself into the British and European film industry. She was Head of Development and Training until 2006. In 2003 she won a Millennium Award with a documentary project about Jamaican immigrants in London, the film was completed in 2004 and was shown to the local community. In 2004 she completed an MA in Screen Documentary at Goldsmiths College (London), with a AHRB award. Since 2006, she has been working on a PhD in Latin American Studies (Newcastle University), about popular culture in Bolivia. She lives with her husband and two children in Newcastle upon Tyne.


Vezetéknév:Cordova Személynév:Ximena Születési idő:1974. 09. Cégvezető:La Nina Productions


Producer: A kis Daniela Készítő: A kis Daniela Hangmérnök: A kis Daniela

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