Borregón Marcos
(1969. 01. )


Creative Director. Co-founder of Lapierna Audiovisual Was born in Segovia (Spain) in 1969. He is graduated in TV and Film Media at Complutense University (Madrid). He worked directing tv as a free-lance for a few years. After that time, 1998-2000 Marcos was Director and Executive Producer for “Zona 7” (Disney Channel Spain) During this time, he also shot 2 shorts in 35 mm: “El colgante de Lili” and “Chun-Goo” In 2001 he co-founded LAPIERNA AUDIOVISUAL. He shares the creative and executive direction with his brother. TV formats, entertainment, documentaries and ads are the main activity of the company for broadcasters like Cuatro, Antena.Neox, Calle 13… Recently he’s been nominated for Goya Spanish Award Being Meera Malik as best short documentary of the year. PHILMOGRAPHY 2008 o BEING MEERA MALIK, short documentary, 35mm Nomintaed to Goya’s Spanish Award 2009 2006 o TARA SCHOOL, short documentary, video 2001 o LILITH NECKLACE, short fiction, 35mm o CHOON-GU, short fiction 35mm


Vezetéknév:Borregón Személynév:Marcos Születési idő:1969. 01.


Készítő: Being Meera Malik

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