Belantara Amanda
(1979. 09. )


Amanda Belantara (born 1979 in Pueblo, Colorado) Amanda is an internationally based video artist and documentary filmmaker. She holds an MA in Visual Anthropology from the University of Manchester and a BA in Anthropology and German LIterature from the University of Colorado. Her latest film, Ears Are Dazzled, Touched by Sound was produced during an artist in residence programme in Yamaguchi, Japan. She is currently working on collaborative storytelling and soundscape projects with the art collective, Kinokophone. Selected Filmography 2009 みみがきゅっとなる(Ears Are Dazzled, Touched by Sound) A collective exploration of the sounds that surround us, this film features sounds and images inspired by sound diaries kept by local people in Yamaguchi, Japan. An intriguing portrait of the invisible, the film’s unconventional style attempts to reveal the magical quality of sounds that lies hidden in the everyday. Exhibition: Weavingscapes, March 2009, Akiyoshidai International Art Village Festivals: Nordic Anthropological Film Association Festival of Ethnographic Film 2007 Lifelibrary The public library is an institution that has had little attention in anthropological debate or in the minds of most of its users. Upon further consideration, its seemingly unobtrusive or neutral position in the conscious thought of many brings about questions of its use. Festivals: *Film Festivals: University of British Columbia Ethnographic Film Unit Anthropology Film Festival, Iowa City International Documentary Festival, Days of Ethnographic Film Festival, Slovenia, Moscow International Visual Anthropology Conference and Festival, EASA Film, Video and New Media Festival. Worldfilm: Tartu Festival of Visual Culture. www.


Vezetéknév:Belantara Személynév:Amanda Születési idő:1979. 09.


Készítő: Életkönyvtár 耳がきゅっとなる

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