Son de Producción S.L.


Son de Producción S.L. was established in 2005 in Seville. The services we offer include localizations, filming permissions, castings, wardrobe rental, rental of any kind of lightning material, grips and/or cameras. Besides we count on a complete group of professionals (technicians and artists) who are used to work with production companies of different countries. As a service company, Son de Producción S.L. came up from the fussion of different fields with the same purpose: offering a global service to many production companies from Spain or other countries which come to Andalusia to develop their activities in one of the places with more landscape contrasts and with one of the best weathers in the world. As a production company, Son de Producción S.L. also came up with the purpose of making our own products asked by our own customers or by ourselves. Son de Producción S.L. has also collaborated with a large number of production companies contributing with our logistic support in many big format documentaries, such as "AROUND FLAMENCO", "TRABAJANDO CON LA MUERTE", "REWIND: EL ÚLTIMO CUPLÉ" O "LA CASA DE LAS SIRENAS". Also, we have worked in advertising, videoclips and different production services. After having done all these works, we feel prepared to assume our own projects, full of good ideas and confidence in the well done work. Product of our effort and work is the documentary "TERCERA" directed by Óscar Clemente and selected in the European Film Festival of Seville.


Név:Son de Producción S.L.


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