This studio appeared in 1979, in Parma, started by Umberto Asti, who aims, by "Officinema", at a real "film workshop" where original documentaries can be created, both searching out the subject and choosing the language. In reports of journeys, in the world of art, in history, our Studio has always sought out new, untried visions to be turned into films. Now, twenty years since it began, "Officinema" (film workshop) continues to keep its soul of craftsmanship intact, doing so with the satisfaction of frequently seeing this role awarded international prizes and acknowledgement. The studio is now led by Umberto Asti, Luisa Vecchi and Giovanna Vecchi, both passionately involved in bringing out new ideas to offer to networks and distributors the world over.


Név:OfficinemaCégvezető:Vecchi Giorgio


Gyártó: Mestre Pedro

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