The Maramures Film Library saw the light of day in 2001. The purpose of this Library is to keep a record for future generations of people’s lives in this unique living space with all its facets. Filmografie 1995 „After Seven Castels“, 60 min (nominate for Grimme Price) 1997 „Winter In The Carpathians“, 45 min 2001 "Journey In The Live", 30 min "Maria Himmelfahrt", 45 min 2002 "TalWein", 100 min "The Woodworkers From Viseu de Sus", 45 min 2003 "Gagarin", 100 min "Oblivien", 100 min “400 Persons Mariage”, 45 min 2004 “Maramuzica”, 80 min “The Vision”, 80 min “Trilogie Of The Drinkers“, 90 min „Before The Gates“, 60 min „All The Best“, 60 min 2005 “About The Victim Of The Live”, 75 min “Villagepeople, Bones And The King Bogdan“, 85 min 2006 “Anyhow And Somewhere”, 75 min “The Brother Of The Sheeps”, 60 min “More Or Bless“, 120 min 2007 „Obcina“, 80 min (Special Price Astra-Filmfestival Sibiu 2007) „The Ingenious Amateur“, 45 min „The Last Paradies“, 55 min „The Collecters“, 60 min


Név:Maramures-FilmarchivCégvezető:Reinhardt Björn


Gyártó: Obcina A leleményes amatőr Mehr oder Weniger Der Kinderberg Forgalmazó: A leleményes amatőr Mehr oder Weniger

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