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Jeanine Meerapfel founded MALENA FILMS GmbH and later MALENA FILMPRODUKTION GmbH & Co KG first in Berlin and later opened a branch office in Cologne with the intention of focussing on international co-productions (in particular with Latin America and Spain) in the field of independent films. As writer and producer, she gained ample experience over the years with her film productions, such as the german-argentinian co-productions “La Amiga”, “Amigomio” and “Desembarcos” as well as “Annas Sommer”, a german-greek-spanish co-production. She was thus motivated and encouraged to seek further exciting talent in various European countries for cooperation with German artists. Additionally, if in line with the film’s concept, she also endeavours to enrich productions with talents from South America. “Auf der Suche nach Ibera” (“Looking for Ibera”) was the first production in this context, a semi documentary feature film, which is set in Berlin and Argentina. Alcides Chiesa was scriptwriter and director, while Jeanine Meerapfel acted as executive producer. The film was part financed by the “Brandenburgische Filmförderung” and broadcast by the co-producer SFB. The following production was “Amigomio”, a feature film set in Ecuador, Bolivia and Argentina that tells the adventurous story of a father and his son crossing the continent. Central themes are the European origins of the main characters and their confrontations with myths and landscapes of the Andes. The authors researched extensively at the various locations and wrote an enthralling script, which was awarded first price in the call for tenders by the Saarländischer Rundfunk and consequently got backing by the European Script Fund. MALENA FILMS GmbH co-produced further films with similar concepts, such as the feature film “Annas Sommer, a European project with Integral Film, Berlin, FS Productions, Athens and El Iman, Madrid. “Annas Sommer” was set in Greece and in Berlin and other European cities. Jeanine Meerapfel wrote the script and directed the film. It was supported by the BKM, the film foundation of NW, the film board Berlin-Brandenburg, Eurimages. In 2002 the film played successfully in German, Greek and Spanish cinemas and was recently broadcast by ARTE and the Spanish Canal+. “Annas Sommer” was also shown at film festivals at Hof, Jerusalem, Berlin, Mar del Plata (special mention), Chicago, Montreal, San Francisco, New York and many others. In 2008/2009 MALENA FILMPRODUKTION produce two feature-length documentaries: “Mosconi oder wem gehört die Welt” (“Mosconi or who owns the world”) and – in cooperation with WDR/ARTE – “Wer sich nicht wehrt kann nicht gewinnen” (“Who doesn’t fight back can’t win). Both were shot in Argentina. The upcoming project by MALENA FILMPRODUKTION GmbH & Co KG is titled “Der deutsche Freund” (“The German Friend”). Jeanine Meerapfel wrote the script and MALENA FILMPRODUKTION is set to start producing this as a feature film in cooperation with other production companies at home and abroad. Director will be Jeanine Meerapfel.


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