van der Let Petrus
(1949. 06. )


Petrus van der Let, born in Vienna, studies at the University of Vienna: science of art and theatre; since 1972 work as a free lanced director and author for ORF (cultural documentary films, docu-dramas, TV-series) – during the last 14 years a number of documentaries on the roots of Nazism and racism (as executive producer, director and author for the George Weiss Film Company): Adolf Lanz - Mein Krampf – Hitler Stole My Ideas (50min. ORF, Channel 4), Herrn Hitlers Religion – Mr. Hitler’s Religion (45min. ORF, 3sat, KRO, BRTN), Wagnerdämmerung – The Wagner Dynasty (50min. ORF, 3sat, AVRO, NPS, Eurimages), Erlöser - Messiahs (45min. ORF, 3sat, TV2 Denmark), Rasse Mensch – The Human Race (45min. ORF, 3sat), which have been shown in more than 20 countries. 1998 Angstfleisch – Fleischangst – Meat of Fear – Fear of Meat (45min. ORF,3sat, YLE TV2, Media 2). 1999 Ware Kind – Kids for Sale (45min. ORF, 3sat). 2000/1 Mein Kopf gehört mir: Frauen in Wien und Istanbul – My Head Is Mine: Women in Vienna and Istanbul (70min. ORF, 3sat, Phoenix) 2001 founding of the Petrus van der Let Film Company for the realization of international documentary film projects. 2002/3 Woher die Götter stammen - Where The Gods Come From (91min. ORF, Austrian Ministry of Education and Science, Filmfunds Carinthia, Lower Austria, Styria); First screening: 11.11.03 New York International Independent Film & Video Festival – 45min. BR-Alpha-version with the title Zipfelmützengötter – Gods with Pointed Caps; First screening: International Documentary Film Festival of Scientific Exploration and Adventure, January 05 Bari/Italy; Gesang als Weg - Singing As A Path – From The Life of the Soprano Hilde Zadek (59min. WDR, SWR, ORF, Vienna Filmfund, 3sat, Nik-Media, CoBO-Fonds, Nl, BR-Alpha, NHK, Japan); 2004 Naher Osten – Hoffnung und Trauma der Jugend – Middle East – Trauma and Hopes of the Young (59min. ORF, 3sat, BR-Alpha, Ministry of Education, Filmfund Carinthia, TV-Fund Austria). 2005 Unerwünschtes Kino – Unwanted Cinema (90min. Új Budapest Filmstúdió, Filmfund Vienna, ORF, NIK-Media,Nl, Duna-TV,H). 2006 Posse & Prophetie – Punch & Prophecy (45min. ORF, 3sat, Bayern Alpha, TV-Fund Austria, City of Vienna, Ministry of Education. Schattenrand – Care for Outsiders (59min. Insert-Film, SF DRS, TSR, KTO, TV-Fund Austria). Awarded Special Mention PRIX FAREL 06. 2007 Reise zur Wiege Europas - Journey to the Cradle of Europe (84min. ORF, 3sat, BRalpha, PLANET, TV-Fund Austria, Filmfunds Lower Austria, Styria). Nomination for the Ahmed Attia’s Award for the Dialogue of Cultures/Medimed-Sitges/Spain 2007; Awarded Best Film of Culture at the Science-Film-Festival, Vienna, November 07; 2008 The Power of Suspecting - Eginald Schlattner and the Securitate Trauma (90min. Coproduction with Walter Wehmeyer and ORF, 3sat, Bayern-Alpha, KulturKontakt Austria, TV-Fund Austria). Fotos From The Front (45min. BRalpha, PLANET-TV, Skandinavia-TV, Austrian Ministry of Education). 2009 DRAGON SLAYERS (65min. A co-production of Petrus van der Let Film and Filmproduktion Benjamin Epp, Magda Wimmer, Artia Nova Film, Uj Budapest Filmstudio, H, PLANET-TV, BRalpha, D, SKANDINAVIA-TV, DK, Film Fund of Lower Austria and Styria.) MEDIMED Sitges Spain 09: Nominated for the Ahmed Attia's Award for the Dialogue of Cultures; Festival Internazionale del Film Archeologico di Rovereto, Italy (October 2009). All the films are also published as DVDs in German at Alibri-Verlag, Aschaffenburg and in English at National Film Network, New York. Books: Rasse Mensch – The Human Race (ed. with Christian Schüller), Aschaffenburg 1999; Ware Kind – Kids for Sale (with Guido and Michael Grandt), Köln,1999. Zipfelmützengötter - Gods with Pointed Caps, Aschaffenburg, 2004.


Előtag:van derVezetéknév:Let Személynév:Petrus Születési idő:1949. 06. Cégvezető:Petrus van Der Let Filmproduction


Rendező: Filmszakadás Drachentöter Producer: Drachentöter


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