Souto Veronica


Born in Buenos Aires in 1968, studied Fine Arts at the "Prilidiano Pueyrredon" National School of Fine Arts, then finished his degree in Film Studies and Cinematographic Realization at the FUC. Since 1990 up to 2006 had worked in the film industry as Production Manager, Assistant Director, Casting Director and Director in several documentaries and features films, working along with Directors like Carlos Sorin, Walter Salles, Juan Jose Campanella and Luis Puenzo . She lives and works in Buenos Aires . FILMOGRAPHY FEATURE FILMS "Hermanas", by Julia Solomonoff, Argentina-Spain 2005, Casting Director "Cama adentro", by Jorge Gaggero, Argentina-Spain 2004, Casting Director “La puta y la ballena” by Luis Puenzo, Argentina-Spain 2004, Postproduction Coordinator in Spain "Diaries of the Motorcycle", by Walter Salles, Brasil-USA-Argentina, 2003, Casting Co- Director for Argentina "Historias Minimas", by Carlos Sorin, Argentina-Spain 2002, 1st Assistant Director and Casting Director "El mismo amor,la misma lluvia", by Juan Jose Campanella, Argentina-Spain ,1999, Casting Co- Director "Condor Crux", by Juan Pablo Buscarini, Argentina 1999, Production and Post Production Coordinator “Dibu 2” , by Carlos Galettini , Argentina , 1998, Post Production Coordinator DOCUMENTARIES / TV FEATURES “Vientos de Agua”,by Juan Jose Campanella, Argentina-Spain 2006, Mini Serial of 13 chapters for TV-Cinema, Co-Director Casting “ Cardboard Days “, documentary, Argentina 2004, Director and Camara Co- Director "Evita,una vida", by Miguel Perez, documentary, Argentina 2002, Production Coordinator "Porto Alegre 2002, another world is possible", documentary, Brasil-Spain 2002, Camara Co-Director


Vezetéknév:Souto Személynév:Veronica Születési idő:1968


Rendező: Dias de Carton Vágó: Dias de Carton Operatőr: Dias de Carton

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