Renda Alessandro
(1979. 07. )


Alessandro Renda (1979) is an actor of Teatro delle Albe. Over that as actor, he is active inside the company as "guide" of the theatrical workshops of the so-called "not-school" and as videomaker. Ubu buur and Ubu sotto tiro, together with Mighty Mighty Ubu and Museum Historiae Ubuniversalis, are his first video works, and they all are part of Suburbia, a publishing project that documents the creative process that Teatro delle Albe has carried on from Ravenna to Senegal, from Naples to Chicago, about the character of Ubu, created by Alfred Jarry.


Vezetéknév:Renda Személynév:Alessandro Születési idő:1979. 07.


Készítő: Ubu buur Ubu sotto tiro

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