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Born in 1966 in Swaziland and living in Johannesburg, she has always felt a deep attachment to Namibia, where she has lived and worked during several periods of her life. Educated at Syracuse University in television and political science, Bridget started her film career as a casting associate with Bonnie Timmermann at Universal Pictures in New York on feature films such as The Last of the Mohicans and Glengarry Glenn Ross. In 1992 she founded On Land Productions with Richard Pakleppa, an independent video and film production company based in Namibia. From the very beginning, the production company was engaged in projects dealing with political and social criticism. She has produced and directed over twenty documentaries, several television dramas and feature films, including the Academy Award nominated Hotel Rwanda (South African co-producer). She was instrumental in the production of the hit TV based series on Romeo and Juliet, uGugu No Andile set in South Africa’s highly explosive pre-democracy period of 1993. Bridget has an impressive track-record of 11 films produced and directed between 1993 and 1996, ranging from developmental documentaries (The Road to Safe Motherhood) to television drama series (Stories of Tenderness and Power). She confronts women’s roles in present conflicts in several of her projects, including the latter and Emma’s Story. She was a co-producer on the feature film Flame, and a producer of the The Homecoming, a short film drama which was one of the Africa Dreaming films. Bridget directed her first fiction film, entitled Uno’s World, as part of the series Mama Africa. Uno's World has been screened at the Rotterdam Film Festival and on PBS in the U.S.. She directed one of the Step to the Future Films, Dreams of a Good Life, which has been screened in festivals and television stations across the world, including the Oberhausen Short Film festival in Germany and on YLE-TV,Finland and Arte-France. She was invited to show a selection of her work at the Oldenburg International Film Festival in Germany, and was also taking part in the Cannes 2008 meeting of African women representing the African cinema. Filmography - as a Director/ Producer • Dreams of a Good Life (2005) A film of laughter, fear, and the solace of sharing. Five women talk about life, love and how their dreams for the future have changed since finding out they are HIV positive. The women now examine their relationships with men more openly than ever before. A film with and about HIV+ women. • Emma's Story (1997) • The Brandberg (1996) • Stories of Tenderness and Power (series; 1995-96) • Uno’s World (2004) • Gibeon Patchwork (1994) • Shield them from the Wind (1994) • The Road to Safe Motherhood (1993) Filmography – as Producer • Lucky Lady (2008) Director: Niki Newman • Gees (2008) Director: Teddy Mattera. • Hotel Rwanda (2004) Co-Producer. Hotel Rwanda tackles one of the most horrifically ugly events in recent history, when the Hutu extremists of Rwanda initiated a terrifying campaign of genocide, massacring hundreds of thousands of minority Tutsis (who had been given power by the departed Belgian colonists), while the rest of the world looked on anddid nothing.


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Rendező: Africa is a Woman's Name

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