Novak Miloslav
(1978. 02.)


(*1978 Dvůr Králové nad Labem) He took degree at Miroslav Ondricek Film College of in Písek. Then he graduated on the Department of Editing at Film Faculty of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Same he wrote articles for the newspapers as Literární noviny or Lidové noviny. Then continues at MA study of Documentary Department at FAMU and spent a half year at the university Degli studi di Cagliari in Italy. He was awarded the Best Czech Documentary 2003 for The-Ill fated Child in IFFV in Jihlava and also was nominated to Czech masterpieces Trilobit. This film has been introduced to common distribution in Czech, Polish and Slovak republic cinemas from year 2004 by AČFK, PFDKF and ASFK. He made a feature Czech-Italian documentary film a “Peace with Seals”, that shows how much human nature has changed over the past hundred years, in stories of two animals: Cape Fur Seal Gaston and Mediterranean Monk Sea Odysseus. The “Peace with seals” has been in common distribution in Czech cinemas from November 1, 2007. 1997 - Dangers of Loneliness (35mm, 7 min.,) / Special prize at IAFF in Annecy 1998 2000 - Last Miracle of I. V. Mičurina (16mm, 15 min.) 2001 - Experience with an expresionism-J.C. (Digital Betacam, 38 min.) / Selection in compet. at AFO Olomouc 2002 2003 - Ill-fated child (35mm, 38 min., co-direction) / Best Czech Documentary at IDFF Jihlava 2003 2006 - Is Mortorius (DV Cam, 20 min.) / Selection for special event. at IFDF in Jihlava 2003 2007 - Peace with seals (35 mm / Dolby Digital, 97 min.) / Selection at Forum IFDA Amsterdam 2007


Vezetéknév:Novak Személynév:Miloslav Születési idő:1978. 02.


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