Naukkarinen Lasse


Lasse Naukkarinen. Graduated from Department of Film and TV of the University of Arts and Design Helsinki in 1967. At the end of 60´s he worked as cinematographer and editor of feature length fiction films and documentaries. 1970 he started his own independent documentary film production. Professor of Art 1991-96. On 80´s and at the beginning of 90´s he used the methods of the observational documentary. ("No Comments",1984, "House of Full Service",1994, "Dog Trails",1995). Later he has filmed connoisseurs of the art of living, the essence of the creativity, a creative madness and looked for the new forms to its narration ( "Madame E",1997, “Artist´s Life” ,1999, “Schoolboy´s Life”,2002 ) Lasse Naukkarinen has made as director 35 documentaries and short fictions and as Photographer over 60 documentaries and short and feature films.


Vezetéknév:Naukkarinen Személynév:Lasse Születési idő:1942


Rendező: Paanajarven Anni Producer: Paanajarven Anni Operatőr: Paanajarven Anni Hangmérnök: Paanajarven Anni

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