Marcello Pietro


Between 1998/2003 he worked as organiser and programmer of the cinema event Cinedamm at the Damm of Montesanto, Naples. Then he was assistant director on the documentary Antonio by Leonardo Di Costanzo. In 2002 he made the radiodocumentary Il tempo dei magliari broadcast on Radiotre in the programme Centolire. First a.d. for the short Il Ladro by Sergio Vitolo, he made Carta e Scampia (2003). He worked as Operator and editor for the documentary by Nick Dines, Fuggifuggi and, in 2004, ha worked on Giovanni Cioni’s documentary Le anime del Purgatorio. In 2004 ha made the film documentary Il cantiere, winner of the 11th edition of the festival Libero Bizzarri. The following year he finished the film documentary La baracca, public’s prize at Videopolis 2005. lastly, in 2005 he worked as a volontari for an ONG in the Ivory Coast to make the docu-film Grand Bassan. Il tempo dei magliari, his first book is about to be published written together with Marcello Anselmo.


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