Kallitsis Christos
(1966. 01.)


He studied “Economic Sciences” in Thessaloniki and “Cinema Theory and Esthetics” in Paris and speaks fluent english, french and german. He worked at Thessaloniki Film Festival and the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival as programmer and festival’s newspaper chief editor, for 8 years between 1997-2005. For three years (2002-2005) he produced two documentary series which were broadcasted by the national greek television ERT3; totally 80 hours of program. Titles of the series are “Contemporary world” (Syghronos cosmos) and “Festivals of the world” (Festival tou cosmou). It was the first program in the greek television dedicated to documentary film. “There is hope” (Yparchi elpitha) is his directorial debut. Christos is the chief editor of the bilingual magazine titled “Vlepo” (means seeing) edited by the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography. He is a founding member of the “Citizen’s Group of Panorama” which is a benevolent organization with aim to actively preserve the culture and the environment.


Vezetéknév:Kallitsis Személynév:Christos Születési idő:1966. 01.


Rendező: Yparchi Elpitha Operatőr: Yparchi Elpitha Hangmérnök: Yparchi Elpitha

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