Hertog Esther
(1978. 06.)


Esther Hertog was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 1978. At the age of eleven she moved to Israel, where she lived for twelve years. In 2002, she started her BA in Cultural Anthropology at the Amsterdam University as well as the Visual Ethnography course at the Leiden University. She finished her Bachelors degree in Cultural Anthropology with the film Ossama’s Dance in 2006, which has since been screened in Beeld voor Beeld festival in Amsterdam and Du Bilan, Paris. Esther studied for her MA in Visual Anthropology at the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology, University of Manchester. In addition to her studies, Esther is an acrobat performer and trainer. Thus, for her final project she made a film about a circus project in Palestine, combining her circus skills, her connection to the Middle East and ethnographic filmmaking. She lived in Dheihsheh refugee camp for one and a half months and she taught in a circus summer camp where she filmed Hope Despair Laughter: A circus project in Palestine.


Vezetéknév:Hertog Személynév:Esther Születési idő:1978. 06.


Készítő: Hope Despair laughter: A circus Project in Palestine

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