Hahn Clarisse


Clarisse Hahn's work is mainly based on a documentary research developed through films, photographs and video installations. The artist establishes a close relationship with the people she shoots, staying with them for a rather long period of time. For her third movie "Karima", 98 minutes, 2002, she spent a whole year with a young Algerian woman, who introduced her to her family, her friends and the SM sessions during which she was a dominatrix. "Hôpital", 37 minutes, 1999, was a foray into a both chaotic and neatly run geriatric department. "Ovidie", 116 minutes, 2000, told the intimate every-day life of young porn actress. As for "Les protestants", 85 minutes, 2005, the shooting took three years. Hahn searches ever deeper into communities, behavioural codes and the body's social part. In each of her works, the body is questioned, examined as a medium and a borderline: restrained in various ways, enhanced, manipulated, hidden, modified by professional gestures or rigidified by socially established attitudes. "The medical world, S.M sexuality, a protestant bourgeois family, were worlds chosen on purpose because they are isolated worlds, set apart from society but which nevertheless reproduce its structures. isolated worlds in which certain phenomena are highlighted, as if in a lab. isolated worlds akin to "cultural knots " where emotional, psychological and social elements are revealed in a more concentrated way than elsewhere. Through them, I seek to perceive the complexity of the relations between people, including their ambivalence and intrinsic contradictions. I look for situations and individuals I can identify with and who, at the same time, make me put in perspective, or endanger my system of values, and the identity I build for myself. To me, that is how the making of a piece of art is truly a path to knowledge, to knowing the world and myself. Karima, for instance, is around the same age as I am, lives in the same city. There is definitely a mirror link between us. Her life is different from mine, but they may very well have been the same. I look at her as a possible alter ego, a possible way of life, a new way to look at reality. I feel my shooting can only be interesting when I have rid myself of all sense of the exotic or the extraordinary towards what the every day life of the people I'm shooting is. I always choose to focus, not on the moments of tension and acceleration, but on everyday common situations. I try to bring out what will make the viewers consider their own everyday life, examine themselves and question their own way to relate to others, to their body, their family, etc. I believe this self-examination can only be obtained by keeping an off-centre, intermediate and mobile position within my works. I always position myself between participation and redrawal, proximity and distance, support and reflection. It is my way to try and open a breach, a vacant space which, I hope, the viewer's subjectivity can occupy."


Vezetéknév:Hahn Személynév:Clarisse Születési idő:1975


Rendező: Les protestants Vágó: Les protestants Operatőr: Les protestants Hangmérnök: Les protestants

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