Gazzarrini Cristiano
(1975. 12. )


Born the 31st December 1975 in Lucca. After a high school diploma in linguist studies he moved to London for about 1 year and he took interest in photography. Returned to Italy, in 1996 he entered in the Immagina film school of Florence. His first work is Tetsuo The Technoice-man (13’ VHS 1998) home-made trash homage to the Japanese serials of the 70s. The short film, acted in broad Japanese (?) with Italian subtitles, tells the exploits of young Tetsuo, a paladin of good struggling against the evil professor Katsari who intend to conquer the world. Between monsters, beating-up and risqué scenes, it was noted at the Torino Trash Festival in 2000. At the same time he collaborated with the Immagina school in the realization of L.M.D. (6’ U-matic SP 1999), a paranoid, surreal and claustrophobic nightmare. Next experience was E.V.A. (5’ DVCam 2003), cut-up of clips extrapolated from pornographic films on a famous music of Jean Jaques Perrey, the name of the short film itself is an homage to this piece. It can be considered more a study on the deduction ability of the human mind than a simple short film. In 2003 he realized RUMBLE! (4’ DVCam), delirious documentary-fiction on the deeds of brave masked wrestler accompanying the sound performances of the garage band Daytona & The Goo Goo Bombos. Still in 2003 he realized the short film La pecora non è un animale (13’ DVCam), a screenplay wrote in three hands with the sly Dr. Divago and Mr. Gary “The Man” Lester for a story based on the deeds of two atypical checkout assistants. In 2004, still in collaboration with Ray Daytona & The Goo Goo Bombos, he realized Videoreclutamento (3’ DVCam) video-plea to the mass uprising, symbolized by crazy and out-of-hand monsters. In 2005 de directed the TV show Miss Excelsior 2005, format name-called the Lap Dancer Champion’s League. In December 2005 he made -Eh?-, -…PUPPA!- (45’ DVCam) wrote one more time with Dr. Divago and Mr. Gary “The Man” Lester, produced by As. Cult! La Stanza. This medium-length film tells about delirious affaire of some teenagers in theirs recreational room. Afterwards another work was Ceccomatto's Principles, based on the surreal basic themes of L.M.D. Then he took the direction of other TV shows and advertising spots for various production of Milan. In 2009, with the film production company Cicciotun srl, he realized the production of “La chimica dei sentimenti” (“Chemistry of Feelings”), a documentary-fiction based on the scientific theories that try to explain what happens in our body when we fall in love. The project was funded by the Milan Province thanks the contest for the audiovisual innovation organized in 2008. Selected Filmography: 1998 Tetsuo-the Technoiceman short film author, director Live action Duration: 13' Festival: Torino Trash Festival 1999 Labelled Mentally Defective short film author, director Live action Duration: 7' Production: Film School Immagina Main Prizes: Selection of Festival Valdarno Inferiore 2003 E.V.A. Cut-up video concept, edit Live action Production: La Stanza Cinematografo 2003 La pecora non è un animale short film author, director Live action Duration: 13' Production: La Stanza Cinematografo 2005 Eh?...Puppa! Medium-length film author, director Live action Duration: 40' Production: La Stanza Cinematografo 2004 Videoreclutamento short film author, director Live action Duration: 6' Production: La Stanza Cinematografo 2003 Rumble cortometraggio autore, regia Live action Duration: 4' Produzione: La Stanza Cinematografo 2007 Ceccomatto's principles short film author, director Live action Duration: 31' Self-production Main Prizes: 2° prize Zonevideo 1° prize Incorto Festival 2009 La chimica dei sentimenti documentary author, director, producer Live action, cut out animation, CG3D Duration: 30' Production: Cicciotun


Vezetéknév:Gazzarrini Személynév:Cristiano Születési idő:1975. 12.


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