Cvetanovski Vlado


 Born in 1959;  Graduated from the Art Academy in Novi Sad, at the Department for Inter-media Directing, in the class of Prof. Boro Draskovic, one of the best known film directors in Former Yugoslavia (Horoscope, Knockout, Heat, Kitchen, Live is Beautiful, ...)  Employed as a professor of acting at the Faculty of Drama Art - Skopje;  He has directed so far about fifty plays in Macedonian theatres and in Former Yugoslavia. His plays participated in all more significant festivals, where they got the highest prizes (Sterijno Pozorje, MESS, Vojdan Cernodrinski, Ohridsko leto/Ohrid Summer Festival/, etc.)  His plays have been performed in many cities (Belgrade, Novi Sad, Sofia, Saraevo, Paris, Petersburg, Cairo, Cannes, Kishinev, etc). He participated in many symposiums and workshops in the country and throughout the world;  Significant plays: STRICT CONTROL - J. Gennet, National Theatre Kumanovo THE BUTCHERY - S. Mrozek, Macedonian National Theatre Skopje IVONE, THE PRINCESS OF BURGUNDY - V. Gombrovich, Theatre of Drama Skopje PETTY BOURGEOIS WEDDING - B. Brecht, Macedonian National Theatre Skopje THE EMIGRANTS - S. Mrozek, Theatre of Drama Skopje THE TOWER OF BABYLON - G. Stefanovski, Theatre “Obala” Saraevo UNDERGROUND REPUBLIC- J. Plevnes, National Theatre Bitola NOTRE FEMME DE PARIS – J. Plevnes, National Theatre Bitola THE HOUSE OF BERANARDA ALBA - F.G. Lorca, National Theatre Bitola THE MASTER AND MARGARITA - M. Boulgakov, National Theatre Bitola HAPPINESS IS A NEW IDEA IN EUROPE - J. Plevnes, Theatre of Drama Skopje THE COLONEL BIRD - H. Bojchev, National Theatre Prilep HAMLET - W. Shakespeare, Theatre of Drama Skopje ERIGON - J. Plevnes, Macedonian National Theatre Skopje THE THIRD ACT - A. Chehov, National Theatre Bitola His plays, both of Macedonian and international theatre critics, were usually evaluated as rich visual performances, structured on the film language basis.  He realized several documentaries about the Macedonian traditional uniqueness: “From the seed to the bread”- 30 min. “ Macedonian Balconies” – 32 min. “ Macedonian household equipement” – 29 min. The last documentary FEMALE STORIES (37 min.) is realized in production of Enoh. He is director of THE SECRET BOOK, a length-feature film in Macedonian-Austrian co-production, with the support of Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia and International Agency of Francophony (Thierry Arbogast as Director of Photography and Jean Claude Carriere and Thierry Fremont in leading roles)


Vezetéknév:Cvetanovski Személynév:Vlado Születési idő:1959


Rendező: Zenski Prikazni

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