Biasi Juliane Reinert


Artist, photographer and documentarist, she has a diploma from the Art School of Trento and a degree in languages and geo-anthropology. She has attended the Holden Torino Circus School itinerant cinema and script writing courses with Angelo Orlando. She is self-employed and her work always follows the theme of man and his relationship with the environment. She has a long experience of excursions in the Alps and the Himalayas and has travelled extensively in Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia and Africa making television documentaries. Her agency, Kuraj, collaborates with Rai and Mediaset. In 2007 she won the award Solidarity at the Trento Film Festival for the film “Lezione di fine anno”. Filmography Le vie della steppa, doc. 2003 Sibir il vagabondo, serie doc. 2004/5 Lezione di fine anno, docufilm 2007 La fortezza invisibile, doc. 2008 Oceano dentro - The ocean within, docufilm 2008


Vezetéknév:Biasi Személynév:Juliane ReinertSzületési idő:1962Cégvezető:Kuraj Film


Producer: Oceano Dentro Készítő: Oceano Dentro

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