Barletti Davide
(1972. 05. )


Davide Barletti (1972) is together with Lorenzo Conte, Mattia Mariani and Edoardo Cicchetti one of the founders of the Fluid Video Crew Independent Audiovisual Production. Together they have realized from 1995 till 2006, over 30 operas including documentaries, feature films, short films and video installation produced both on video and on film. They produce information reportages, documenting the national and the international underground cultural scene, they make films and documentaries on the football world, about immigration, on child labor, on youth gangs and on the metropolitan spaces, up to the more recent works on the Alaska Indian population, on the world of Apulia criminality, on the southern Italy fishermen and on the great economic crisis that has hit Argentina and its relationship with Italy. In 2003, with their first feature film “Italian South -East” they participated at the 60th Festival of Art Movie in Venice in the section New Territories. In February 2008, directed by Barletti & Conte comes out in the cinemas their last film: Fine pena mai. In the same year they realize together with Eduardo Cicchetti the documentary “Diario di uno scuro”.


Vezetéknév:Barletti Személynév:Davide Születési idő:1972. 05.


Rendező: Radio Egnatia Operatőr: Radio Egnatia

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