Alarcón Samuel
(1980. 09. )


Samuel Alarcón (Madrid 1980) received his degree in Audiovisual Communication in 2003. After a short period working at the Spanish National Radio he produced and completed his first feature length documentary in Rome, 3000 Years of Labor (2004). In the same year he began to direct the “Cult Films” feature on the Spanish National Radio program, Radio 3 Welcome to Paradise. In 2005 he produced and completed his first exploration in fiction, Octavio, which was submitted to several exhibitions and competitions. It won the “Rome Prize” at the Academy of Spain in Rome, where he also began the arrangements for his second feature-length documentary, City of Signs. In 2006 he began a project called Cartas alongside his friend and fellow filmmaker Javier Cardenete, which illustrates an audiovisual correspondence between individuals. The film received the prize for best feature length film and honorable mention in the film festival of Ateneo de la Laguna in Tenerife (2008). He has also delved into the world of video-art with works such as Pal, Altoviti’07, and Il Pulcino.. He has also worked in sound production and design for several television series, video installations, and short films. He is currently researching Roberto Rossellini for his PHD in Film History from UAM (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), from which he has already received his diploma of advanced studies. He is also preparing a summer course for the university entitled: “Sites in Cinema: The utilization of space in film.” Filmography 2009- City of Signs Feature length documentary. (MiniDV, 62’) 2008- Strolls Through the City of Signs: I. Il Pulcino Single channel video (MiniDV, 4’) 2007- Pal. Altoviti.’07. Single channel video in collaboration with Bárbara Fluxá (MiniDV, 7’) 2006-Octavio. Short film, Fiction. (MiniDV, 3’30) 2004-3000 Years of Labor. Feature length documentary (MiniDV, 58’)


Vezetéknév:Alarcón Személynév:Samuel Születési idő:1980. 09.


Rendező: La ciudad de los signos Szakértő: La ciudad de los signos

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