About DocuArt Center

DocuArt is a Budapest located documentary film center run by Palantír Film Foundation, a non-profit film industry organization. Its purpose is to popularise the documentary genre, to develop a new documentary-consuming attitude, and to integrate Hungarian documentary film making into a European artistic-cultural-professional framework.
To achieve this the main activities are:
  • - the development and realization of alternative film distribution strategies
  • - organizing professional events
  • - organizing thematical series of screenings (filmclubs etc.)
  • - offering location for other
  • - database management and providing information
  • - archiving
  • - education
  • - fostering young talent
  • - film making
Documentary Film Distribution Concept

The DocuArt project is a comprehensive film distribution concept that aims to increase cooperative effort within the documentary film industry and contribute to the international integration of Hungarian documentaries as well as attract a larger audience for Hungarian and foreign productions.

DocuArt's Principles

1. Members of the public have a right to access films that have been made with government grants (i.e. taxpayers' money).

2. All films should be made accessible to the viewing public.

3. Documentary films should not be confined to the television.

DocuArt Shed

The DocuArt Shed is a film centre that offers an inviting atmosphere to filmmakers as well as those with an interest in film and students. It will be an inspirational space with exciting activities and opportunities where films can be viewed and produced and where everyone can play an active part.

Address: IX. Ráday u. 18. - Erkel u. 15.

DocuArt Cinema

The DocuArt Shed takes place  in the centre of Budapest. We have a 50-seater cinema. We mainly present films that distributed by our foundation, concentrating heavily on Hungarian and foreign documentary films. The cinema provides a venue for interactive events such as premieres, film clubs and previews.

DocuArt Film Collection and Video Library

The Film Collection is designed to be a non-profit archive created to preserve and catalogue Hungarian documentary films. Operation of the archive requires documentary films to be donated to the archive by their legal owners. With the appropriate paperwork in place, the DocuArt Film Collection stores the film, preserves it and prepares a copy that can be viewed on site. This means that any one is able to view a film that interests them at any time. There is no more running after television stations, film companies or directors. There is no need for detective work or asking favours. Search for the film over the Internet, come in and watch it.

DocuArt Internet Database and Film Shop

The Internet database includes full and comprehensive details of all the films in the collection along with stills, clips and related documentary material with the necessary search functionality. It is designed to facilitate in-house cataloguing as well as external access. A number of films in the collection will be made available for viewing and downloading via the Internet at a minimal cost.

Dialektus European Documentary and Anthropological Film Festival

Dialektus is organised also by Palantí Film, aims to screen films, which are sensitive to other cultures, films that present the world as filmmakers see it. Dialektus is a European documentary festival since 2002, which aims to make documentary and anthropological film accessible to a wider audience, not just on TV.

See more here: www.dialektusfestival.hu

DocuArt Film Centre

 Cinema + Video library + Cafe

Address: Budapest, Ráday str 18. (Entrance from Erkel street)
Tel: (+36-20) 993-40-30
Fax: (+36-1) 403-03-52
Email: info [at] docuart [dot] hu