Pyhän kirjan varjo (Shadow of the Holy Book)

Title of the film Original title: Pyhän kirjan varjo
English title: Shadow of the Holy Book
Hungarian title: A Szent Könyv árnyéka

Production and shooting info Country of the production: Finland - fi
Year of production: from 2005 to 2007
Year of shooting: from 2005 to 2007
Length of the film: 90 min
Colouring: colour
Standard format: film, 35 mm
Recording format: DVCAM
Original language: Czech
Language of subtitle: Spanish

Description of the content Why are some of the world's biggest international companies translating the Ruhnama, an absurd government propaganda book from Turkmenistan, into their own languages? SHADOW OF THE HOLY BOOK exposes the immorality of international companies doing business with the dictatorship of oil-and-gas-rich Turkmenistan, thus helping to hide its human rights and free speech abuses - all in the name of profit and corporate greed. SHADOW OF THE HOLY BOOK investigates the morality of international companies and the dictatorship of oil-and-gas-rich Turkmenistan. These companies help give the dictatorship the propaganda support that it needs to survive. Turkmenistan’s dictator, Saparmurat Niyazov, has written a ludicrous book: the Ruhnama, the Book of Soul, a key tool in the government’s subjugation of human rights and free speech. Yet many international companies give their clandestine support to the Ruhnama and help suppress the country’s voices of opposition and dissidence – in return for multimillion-dollar business deals.

Credits Director: Arto Halonen
Producer: Arto Halonen
Cinematographer: Hannu-Pekka Vitikainen
Editor: Samu Heikkilä
Sound: Samu Heikkilä
 Martti Turunen

Company / Institution Production: Art Films Production AFP Ltd.
Distributor: Films Transit International Inc.

Ethnicity and locality Etnic group: Turkmen
Continent: Central Asia
Country: Turkmenistan - tm

Tipology Type: non-fiction film
Form: documentary film
Beszédmód: investigative

Related sciences

Keyword: democracy

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