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Hackni (Hacked - Non-existing Tribe, Gets Lost)

Title of the film Original title: Hackni
English title: Hacked - Non-existing Tribe, Gets Lost
Hungarian title: Hackni

Production and shooting info Country of the production: Hungary - hu
Year of production: 2007
Year of shooting: 2007
Length of the film: 50 min
Colouring: colour
Standard format: DVD
Recording format: HDV
Original language: Hungarian
Language of subtitle: English

Description of the content The topic of the film is the media hack phenomenon but, it is also a snapshot of a young Central-European democracy and the press relations in today’s Hungary. We think that by and large the tendencies in the film work the same way (although in different degrees country by country) through out the whole developed world. This seems to be proved by our hack that was published in a couple of international news sites. There are two strands in the film, in the first we can see traditional interviews with the journalists and editors in chief of the largest Hungarian online and offline newspapers. They talk about the press that came into being after the change of the political system, the birth of tabloid papers in Hungary and their status as well as the media hack phenomenon. At the same time, we follow up a real media hack from scratch to realization and exposure. Our main goal is to show the operating mechanisms of the media and we believed a media hack would be the best way to test the press. Apart from this we would like to draw attention to awareness as media consumers so that we do not believe everything we read or hear in the media.

Credits Director: Dávid Kresalek
Szerkesztő: Viktor Németh
Producer: Dávid Kresalek
Riporter: Viktor NĂ©meth
Cinematographer: Gergely Vass
 András Gondár
 Edit Blaumann
Editor: Zoltán Zsebényi
 Dávid Kresalek

Company / Institution Production: Muster Tzapko Bt.
Distributor: Muster Tzapko Bt.

Ethnicity and locality Etnic group: Hungarian
Continent: East Europe
Country: Hungary - hu
 (City, village, region, mountains, etc.): Budapest

Tipology Type: non-fiction film
Form: documentary film

Related sciences Social science: communication
Technical science: informatics

Keyword: press

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