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Ony (They)

Title of the film Original title: Ony
English title: They
Hungarian title: Ɛk

Production and shooting info Country of the production: Russia - ru
Year of production: 2007
Year of shooting: 0000
Recording format: Beta SP
Original language: Russian

Description of the content Much has been said and shown concerning the “conquering of Space”. Everybody knows that our country launched the first handmade satellite in the world. In dew time it was even unpleasant to many ones, that we had become the first, not they. Some people can’t forgive it up till now to us and to themselves. But one really unclear thing has never been spoken about: what is the reason why we had become the first? In this film we won’t speak about an “enigmatic and incomprehensible Russian Soul”, with the presence on which unclear phenomena and facts are usually explained. We will try to show how and with which things the Country, the native land of that very Soul lived, which happened to be the first one in the Earth orbit.

Credits Director: Israfil Safarov
Producer: Boris Pervukhin
Cinematographer: Alexander Zaitsev
Editor: Andrey Demidov
 Marina Gridina
 Natalya Yakovleva
Sound: Viktor Brus
Music editor: Stanislav Vassilenko

Company / Institution Production: Studio “Master”

Ethnicity and locality Etnic group: Russian
Continent: East Europe
Country: Russia - ru

Tipology Type: non-fiction film

Related sciences

Keyword: tradition

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