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Uciekinier (The Runaway)

Title of the film Original title: Uciekinier
English title: The Runaway
Hungarian title: A szökés

Production and shooting info Country of the production: Poland - pl
Year of production: from 2006 to 2007
Year of shooting: 2006
Length of the film: 56 min
Colouring: colour
Standard format: Beta SP
Recording format: Beta SP
Original language: Polish
Language of subtitle: English

Description of the content The film presents complicated vicissitudes of the last living fugitive, organizer of the most famous and courageous escape from the Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Four prisoners wearing SS uniforms fled with weapons, in camp’s commander car. This was the most famous, daring and spectacular flight from the camp ever since. The film also exposes photos concerning the history of Auschwitz, which were unknown and never published before. A destroyed photo plate was found in the garret of one of the houses in Auschwitz. The photos show SS- men in private situations and “funny” poses, very unfamiliar until now. After 60 years Piechowski recognizes that they are his torturers. The showing of these pictures is a world premiere. The film was made in a very original, unique way. After the escape from Auschwitz, Piechowski was fighting in the Home Underground Army. As a result, after war, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison by communist authorities. After the fall of communism in Poland in 1989 when he was 70, because of the advantageous political and economic changes, the poor plot of land near the Gdańsk owned by K. Piechowski suddenly gained in value. Piechowski could finally realize his dreams. Now he is 88, he has travelled to over 60 countries in all continents.

Credits Director: Marek Pawlowski
Producer: Malgorzata Walczak
Cinematographer: Jacek Januszyk
Editor: Jan Mironowicz
Sound: Tomasz Sikora
 Jacek Hamela
Main character: Kazimierz Piechowski

Company / Institution Production: Zoyda Art Production
Distributor: Telewizja Polska SA

Ethnicity and locality Continent: East Europe
Country: Poland - pl
 (City, village, region, mountains, etc.): Auschwitz-Birkenau

Tipology Type: non-fiction film
Form: documentary film

Related sciences Social science: history

Keyword: walk of life

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