Jean Paul

Title of the film Original title: Jean Paul
English title: Jean Paul
Hungarian title: Jean Paul

Production and shooting info Country of the production: Italy - it
Year of production: 2006
Year of shooting: 2006
Length of the film: 8 min
Colouring: colour
Recording format: DV
Original language: cameroonian
Language of subtitle: English

Description of the content Baloum is a very remote and pristine village up in the mountains of Western Cameroon. Jean Paul was born and raised there. He's dying chained to a tree, victim of superstitions. He's been left without food and water for days. Jean, the man who is in charge of his custody, talks about a magical ring.

Credits Made by: Francesco Uboldi
Producer: Francesco Uboldi
Editor: Riccardo Banfi

Company / Institution

Ethnicity and locality Etnic group: Bamileke
Continent: Western Africa
Country: Cameroon - cm
 (City, village, region, mountains, etc.): Baloum

Tipology Type: non-fiction film
Form: documentary film

Related sciences

Keyword: tradition

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