The Zelig is a documentary school and after 3 years study, the student make a diploma film-The school produced this film and other work for ex student. www.zeligfilm.it http://www.zeligfilm.it/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1&Itemid=4 In 1988 a group of cineastes, film-making professionals and producers founded the ZeLIG Cooperative - Film School. From the very beginning funding for the school has been guaranteed by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, through the provincial commissions for professional training in Italian, German and Ladin. In 2003 ZeLIG left its original headquarters and moved to a new location. The new facilities are more spacious and provide a more rational lay-out to meet the specific needs of students and teachers, in a comfortable environment conducive to study and work. Like the main character in the classic Woody Allen film of the same name, ZeLIG has become synonymous with transformation.
 The school’s flexible structure allows ZeLIG to react to changes in the fields of audiovisuals and new technologies as they occur, with targeted responses that meet the latest demands of documentary making. Originally formulated as a two-year program in film and TV-technics, in 1995 that program was expanded with the addition of a third academic year, while focus was shifted exclusively to documentary film studies. Specializations were offered in filming techniques (camera/lighting) and postproduction techniques (editing).
 With the 2001/2002 academic year, a new specialization - project development and production - was added to further strengthen ZeLIG’s all-documentary program. This latest field of study takes into account the growing importance of documentaries in cinema and television today, and is geared toward students interested in working in the areas of conception, research, project development and production. The evolution of ZeLIG’s teaching format has always been linked to our work with professionals active in various documentary sectors.
 In 2000 the ZeLIG executive staff, along with a commission of three documentary experts (director and teacher Virgilio Tosi, of Rome; producer Stefano Tealdi, of Torino; and TV documentary maker Reinhold Jaretzky, of Berlin) used the results of a survey of the European panorama for training in documentaryrelated professions, conducted by ZeLIG in collaboration with doc/it, Italy’s premier association of documentary professionals, to develop the school’s current training program.




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