VivaFutura Studio


The Vivafutura Studio - is a non-governmental, non-commercial, voluntary organization set up in Belarus in 2001 by Belarussian directors, philosophers, writers, artists, musicians, painters, as well as other representatives of science and art. The organization functions in Belarus and outside the country. The main goals: • to enable the development of «self-conscious» art which is based on cultural foundation, Belarussian history and traditions, and interacts with modern trends of our time; • to decommunisate culture; • to encourage and sustain the growth of the civil society and rule of law in Belarus by means of creative and cultural activities; • to resist any kind of occupation of the cultural space by censorship and political propaganda; • to facilitate realization of public and cultural activity initiated by creative foreigners in Belarus and to extend the advertising network of Belarussian culture; • to assist in realizing skills and capacities of Belarussian creators who are not able to do so in today’s Belarus because of their democratic political views; • to advance the progress of independent democratic culture; • to support the democratic movement organizations.


Név:VivaFutura Studio


Gyártó: Vasil Bykau. Viartannie Malenki Peter z Vialikaha Boru ci Dobry dzien usim! Vieryc tolki vietru. Charnobyl, 20 hadou pasla Bielaruski front, ci razmovy pra movu

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