Terra s.r.l.


TERRA is a dynamic, independent production company based in Rome. Since its establishment in 1984, the founders Diego D’Innocenzo and Marco Leopardi have focused their activity on the realization of documentaries (one-offs and series) for the national and international markets. TERRA gathers a team of professionals involved in the development, the production and the postproduction of projects, that cover a broad spectrum of genres: nature, wildlife, environment, society, anthropology, tourism, as well as institutional products. The documentaries produced by TERRA are broadcasted in Italy (mainly by RAI) and by many other foreign channels, among others NDR, RTSI, ARTE, Al-Jazeera. In 2006 TERRA realized, in full commission for National Geographic Channel International, the documentary film “Living in a Perfect World” for the series “no borders”. TERRA takes part in documentary pitches, markets, festivals and workshops all over the world. The company is open to collaborations with other national and international productions and broadcasters. The new projects are completely realized in High Definition in order to be more competitive in quality for the international documentary markets. www.terra.tv.it


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Gyártó: Living in a Perfect World Az utolsó lovagok Un mondo perfetto Forgalmazó: Az utolsó lovagok

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