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We are two students who made everything by ourselves. The Director, Sergio Blanco, had work in a few docmentary projects like Alimentary right Urgente, made in Peru y Bolivia, 2006. Or \" The worked woman\". In addition he has made short fiction lims like\" The pay\'s thief\" On the other hand, Michelle Ibaven, the producer, had worked with Tin Dirdamal, winner of the Ariel\'s Best Feature Length Documentary (Mejor Largometraje Documental), Guadalajara\'s Best First Work - National Jury, and Audience award of World Cinema – Documentary of Sundance Festival. Also worked with Omar Gutierrez in Tejupilco\'s emigration documentary. She worked with Julio Bracho in a pilot for television and Roberto Sosa in a short film called Do you remember? (¿Te acuerdas?). In addition, She had participated with Miguel Vélez in several short films.


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Blanco Sergio


Gyártó: Dichosos los que sin ver crean

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