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Rotterdam Films founded by Rijneke & van Leeuwaarden in the early 1980´s is a film production company, its core business is the production and co-production of high quality documentaries and fiction films for cinematic release. Recently the Rotterdam shooting was finished for the feature REYKJAVIK – ROTTERDAM a co-production with the Icelandic production company Blueeyes Productions. In the lead Baltasar Kormakur (JAR CITY) with Throstur Gunnarsson (NOI ALBONI) and Victor Löw (LEAK). The film is just released in october 2008. In the framework of ‘De Verbeelding’ a co-operation between the Ducth Film fund and the Mondriaan Foundation a production grant was won with the SILENT ONES Ricky Rijneke’s first feature. Starring in the film will be Hungarian actress Orsi Toth (Pleasent Days, Relta etc.). Executive production was done for her first short film WING, the fish that talked back that premiered in the official international competition of the Locarno Film festival and was awarded as Best International Short at the jacksonville International Film Festival USA. That film was presented in the short film corner of Cannes this year and invited for numerous festivals worldwide. Rotterdam Films just finished the production of the filmproject REFLECTIONS. REFLECTIONS is a feature length docu about the water in historic city centres (WIHCC) project project. This project exists of six European cities that are exploring all different aspects related to water in the city. The WIHCC project is the winner of the European Regional Cultural Champion Award for an European co-operation for the promotion of the cultural heritage of the cities. This project is supported by the European Interreg IIIB programme. CANARDVILLE is in development, an intended co-production with France, Germany and UK. It is awarded by the Media Programme of the European Community. Script development by Erik de Bruyn and Rijneke & van Leeuwaarden Dick Rijneke and Mildred van Leeuwaarden produced, initiated and conceived, CITY LIFE, the monumental award winning episode film. A film consisting of twelve episodes together forming a visual anthology of international short stories. For this project they (co)produced internationally with companies, broadcasters and funding bodies from all over the globe. Directors involved are among others Krzysztof Kieslowski, Béla Tarr, Alejandro Agresti, José Luis Guerin and Mrinal Sen. CITY LIFE had its world premiere on the opening night of the Filmfest Rotterdam, it was the closing film of the Berlin Festivals´ Young Forum and won several awards. Rijneke and van Leeuwaarden’s critically acclaimed and award winning first feature VORO-NOVA opened the Rotterdam Film Festival and was one of Hubert Bals' (founder of that festival) favourite films. Variety (Wall): “VORO-NOVA is a film to see and hear, to absorb, and to remember, as a touchstone for other pictures.” In 2005 FALLING INTO PARADISE by acclaimed director Milos Radovic was released. This feature film supported by Eurimages is a co-production between France, Germany and the Netherlands. World sales by TF1. THAT’S IT!!! is a feature length documentary in which Ruud den Drijver, a very young film scribe in 1980 goes in a verbal clinch with two notorious Dutch film directors: Paul Verhoeven and Wim Verstappen, passionate film makers, competitors and colleagues. 25 years later the confrontation is continued during the Cannes Film Festival.


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