is an online newspaper and an editorial agency aiming to spread a culture of peace and respect of human rights. It was born from an idea of MISNA (Missionary Service News Agency) and the humanitarian association Emergency, which are responsible for the editorial cooperative. PeaceReporter makes use of the help of several correspondents scattered in the north and in the south of the world: NGO\'s operators, religious of any faith, collaborators, diplomatic personnel and representatives of the civilian society who, by backing PeaceReporter, write about places not covered by mainstream journalism. There are many concrete and successful experiences alternative to the use of force, of that deadly instrument that war is. Experiences which solve the problems that war makes worse. And we want to write about that too. We want to build, with our readers\' help, a society of peace. By avoiding simplifications, or worse than that, distortions of facts.




Gyártó: Istimaryya – széllel szembe Nápolytól Bagdadig

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