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OWH TV Studio is the only NGO in Moldova that promotes the values of a democratic society using audio and video means. Being graduates from the Academy of Theatre and Film from Bucharest and of other European institutions, the OWH TV Studio team take part in the mass media and cinema life of Moldova offering a new and original perspective of the social events. OWH TV Studio was created in 1995. At first, the studio was launced as a laboratory where the young TV producers had the possibility to develop thier skills in the field of audio and video technologies. In time, the activities of the studio ceased to be limited to instructive projects for young producers. Thus, a new professional enviroment was created, which had as an imperative to creat TV production of the highest quality. The OWH team intended to offer the public an alternative to the existing TV production in Republic of Moldova. The need to continue this effort became the basis on which the permanent OWH TV Studio team was created. On 27th of January 1999, OWH TV Studio was registered as an independent institution. At present, our developing strategy includes three main directions: concept creation, production and education. In the following years, OWH TV Studio has produced music videos, advertising and TV programs trasmitted on local and national TV stations. There have been several documentary films that had been awarded at different international festivals. In 2000 OWH TV Studio launched the International Documentary Film Festival Cronograf in Chisinau. Along with the international section for documentary films, the festival also includes several national sections for music videos, advertising and local TV production.


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Gyártó: O mama din imparatia umbrelor

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