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www.optimisticfilm.com Optimistic film has been found by Director Zeljko Mirkovic with idea to make positive energy and creativity as a postament of the company. Optimistic film produce documentaryes, features, promotional and corporation films for various Media companies. Director Zeljko Mirkovic also has experience in producing and leading profesional education projects. Member of European Documentary Network Distinctive works: Documentaries: • KOSOVO DIARY /script and director, 99 min. or 2x55min, 2008 SEETV, Belgium/ Three ordinary people from Serbia go on journey to Kosovo. A student, an actor and a journalist decided to explore this troubled place for themselves. • THE 21ST SECOND (producer/director/script,56 min. 2008, Polka Dot) A movie about ex colonel in SCG Army, Dani Zoltan , who was the leader of a team who shot down famous “Invisible” F-117 A, and who works as a baker now • MUHAREM MUSIC THE EYES OF LIFE (producer/director/script, 27 min. 2005,) About blind Gypsy musician who communicates with other world through his music. • MY WORLD (written & directed, 60 min. 2002) About media reflection on children after 10 year of wars in Yugoslavia • NASTASIA (camera, written & directed, 17min.) Young couple is waiting a baby's birth and falling of regime of Slobodan Milosevic • FROM NIS TO SERBIA: IT’S NOW OR NEVER (camera, written & directed,12min.2000,) About a day when the regime of Slobodan Milosevic was fall


Név:Optimistic filmCégvezető:Mirković Željko


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