Miramonte Film s.n.c.


Miramonte Film develops and produces documentaries and other audio-visual products in different formats for the local and European markets. Productions range from creative cinema documentaries to TV-miniseries as well as public and private commission work. Thematically the emphasis lies on culture, social affairs, history and politics. Very important from a formal point of view is the constant search for the specific language of images and innovative forms for expression. Miramonte Film works within a network of free professionals and partner firms across Europe. Many projects have been produced and financed within a European context. The company was founded in 2005 by Andreas Pichler and Valerio B. Moser.


Név:Miramonte Film s.n.c.Cégvezető:Pichler Andreas


Gyártó: Der Pfad des Kriegers Forgalmazó: Der Pfad des Kriegers

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