Medio de Contencion producciones (Colombia) – Kumquat (Switzerland)


Medio de Contencion Producciones is a documentary production company where directors and social searchers work collectively. We develop projects using methodologies of visual anthropology, the rigor of historical and social research, and an artistic exploration, to study social events. Medio de Contencion is interested in register the social and political process that takes place in South America, and look for a regional and international diffusion. Medio de Contencion is directed by Manuel RUIZ (Historian and anthropologist) and Hector ULLOQUE (Film director). We work in association with Kumquat Audiovisuel, a Switzerland film production company with strong interest in South America.


Név:Medio de Contencion producciones (Colombia) – Kumquat (Switzerland)Cégvezető:Ruiz Manuel
Ulloque Hector


Gyártó: Hartos Evos aqui hay

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