Média Mánia Bt


Media Mania Films of Hungary was formed in 1996 as an independent production company, with the aim of making quality documentary and fiction programs. The most successful production to date has been a documentary completed in 2002, entitled TABU, a 75-minute film about the sexuality of the disabled. The documentary received considerable international recognition, with invitations to 13 film festivals and receiving 6 awards, the most prestigious FIPA’s “Special Mention” in Creative Documentaries in 2003. The most recently completed production by the company is a 3-part documentary series and a festival film version, entitled PARENTS WITH LIMITS (7 ÉV). The observational series follows 7 years in the life of a healthy child growing up in an institution for the mentally disabled with parents and a younger sister all disabled. Currently the company is in production with “Let’s Go to Europe!”, a documentary about a young Hungarian Gypsy family uprooting themselves from a small village to seek work and a better future in England. Media Mania is continually aiming to develop projects of international interest.


Név:Média Mánia Bt


Gyártó: 7 év Roma álom Forgalmazó: Roma álom

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