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iSee Film is a Netherlands-based production company dedicated to producing socially relevant artistic feature films and documentaries. Director Mahmoud al Massad’s latest documentary, Recycle, which won several Cinema in Motion awards at the 2007 San Sebastian Film Festival, is the story of ex-Mujahadeen fighter Abu Ammar, who faces repeated setbacks as he struggles to reconcile his faith and the politicised reality of living in the Middle East. From deep inside the hometown of Zarqawi, the second most wanted terrorist and Al Qaeda’s leader in Iraq, Recycle reveals the intricate realities of life in the Middle East during escalating international tensions. Other award-winning work from iSee Film includes Shatter Hassan, the story of a Moroccan flute player who followed his dreams to Utrecht, Holland but instead found a nightmare of homelessness and drug addiction. This documentary won several awards, including the Golden Hawk at the Arab Film Festival Rotterdam, the Critic Award at the Ismalia International Film Festival, and was an official selection of the Cannes Short Film Corner. It continues to be used in educational workshops in Europe.


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